11 Things To Bring To An All-Inclusive Resort in the Caribbean

What an exciting time? You have booked your trip to an all-inclusive resort. A time to relax and lounge by the beach and/ or pool in a sunny and warm place.

While your resort will provide everything you need for some rest & relaxation, there are a few things you should bring from home to make your holiday perfect and a little cheaper, too (those resort shops are crazy expensive). Here are my top tips about what to pack for an all-inclusive resort vacation. 

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All-inclusive resorts are actually pretty simple when it comes to packing clothes. The key is to bring less than you think you’ll actually need. I base my packing list on what my typical trip to an all-inclusive resort looks like. For a one week trip, we normally stay at the resort most days with maybe one or two excursions. You may need to adjust the list based on your own trip plans. If you’re planning on spending the whole time at the resort, save space with fewer shorts and t-shirts. Planning on more excursions? Take one less bathing suit and cover-up.

Packing List For Your All-Inclusive Trip

#1 Swimwear

Bring multiple swimsuits with you. I would recommend bringing 2-4 swimsuits. Nothing is worse than having to slip into a swimsuit that is still wet from the day before or even from earlier in the day.

#2 Swimwear Cover-ups

I love swimwear cover-ups!  I usually bring 2-4 cover-ups. There are so many options out there and even options on how to wear one.  You can totally get away with wearing this to a restaurant as most require some dress code.

#3 Hats

I love big straw hats.  Not only are they stylish, but you can dress it up or down. They will protect your head and face from the sun.

#4 Sunglasses

Buy some cheap sunglasses to wear while on vacation.  Because if you lose it or break it, it won’t hurt as much as losing or breaking a brand name one.  I took this advice on my first all-inclusive trip and so glad I did as it broke a few days later as it got lost in my beach bag. Luckily I had a second pair to use.

#5 Beach Bag

Grab a beach bag for a day by the pool and not have to worry about what you should or not bring with you.  I would recommend a mesh bag. Mesh bags are wonderful as they are flexible, can easily be packed in your luggage, and you are able to see all your items.

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#6 Phone Protector

I brought a few of these with us and they are a lifesaver for our phone and iPods.  I never had to worry about my electronics getting wet.  We even went swimming at the beach with it and they were safe.  A big plus is being able to wear it around necks as it frees up our hands.

#7 Sunblock

Don’t leave home without it. You will be in the hot sun so make sure to use your sunblock! We have to apply this many times throughout the day. If you do forget this, the resorts do sell these but at a ridiculous price.

#8 Sandals/ Flip Flops

Be sure to bring a pair or two of these. Walking on the beach barefoot is nice and all but be sure to have something that you can easily slip in and out of as there are pools and beaches to swim in.

#9 Snorkeling Gear

It is so much cheaper and better to bring your own snorkeling gear. You would not have to worry about renting one and the time limits you will have with it.

#10 Water Shoes

For all your water activities and excursions, water shoes are a great thing to have. If your beach is sandy, it is great. But if not, the water shoes are such a blessing to wear and be able to explore/play in the water.

#11 Insulated Tumbler

There is all you can drink but those dang cups that they come in are so tiny. Meaning that you would have to make multiple trips to the bar.  Bring your own cup and have them fill it up. You would be happy to enjoy your soda/ pop or water in more than 2 gulps.  On top of that, your cup would be secure so no tipping over or sand getting into your drink. And it keeps your drink cold.

These are some of the things we make sure we bring to our all-inclusive trip. For a free printable checklist, subscribe below.

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What are some essentials you would bring on your next trip? 

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10 thoughts on “11 Things To Bring To An All-Inclusive Resort in the Caribbean”

  1. Very informative and helpful tips for a resort trip! Flip Flops or ‘water shoes’ are a must in those sorts of places, along with a swimsuit and a cover up!

  2. Great list! I have never been to the Caribbean, but I hope to visit someday. Thanks for the tips so I’ll know what to bring on my hoped-for visit.

  3. I love traveling and all these things you mentioned is what I bring except the insulated tumbler and how I wish I would remember this !! It’s so key when doing an all inclusive saves you the trips back and forth to the bar!

  4. My latest find, along the lines of ‘coverups’ are the convertible style dresses. They are perfect for if you want to go from the pool to a restaurant, as they can be easily thrown on around the pool as a quick slip on dress or skirt, but with a simple shift in how you’re wearing it, it will look like a higher end dress in no time!

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