13 Essential Tips To Moving Your Family

Moving your family into a new home has got to be one of the biggest decisions you can ever make as a parent.  There are so many things to take into consideration when faced with a decision such as this. Whether you are moving across town or just down the street, here are the essential tips you need to know to move your family.

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Top Reasons To Move Your Family

Growing Family

Your family is growing and needs more space.  Your family is outgrowing the current space you are currently in.  Or better yet, you are looking to grow your family and know that your current space is not ideal for what you will need.  Whether that be a backyard big enough for that swing set you have dreaming of or an extra bedroom or two, it is time to start making that move.

Better Neighborhood

Even if there may be nothing wrong with the house, you may wish to live in a better neighborhood.  Living in a neighborhood where it is much cleaner, safer and prosperous.   If you live in an area that is high in poverty and crime, it’s time to consider making a move if you are able to. One tip our realtor has given us in the past is to drive around the neighborhood you are looking to move to at different hours of the day.  This would give you a better idea of how the neighborhood is.

Some things to take into consideration when looking at a new neighborhood:

  • Having the convenience of the local amenities, medical clinics and shops nearby are things to take into consideration.  When you don’t have these types of things/ places available, it’s hard to get to them.
  • Have a place where your family can relax and play in is a plus.  Having an abundance of green space, playgrounds, walking/ biking trails, etc helps with the well-being of the family.
  • Nothing is worse than having that neighbor from another world.  It makes for a difficult time for all. Kids cannot enjoy themselves even on their front lawn if you have that type of neighbor. Although you cannot pick your neighbors, you can definitely pick your neighborhood.
  • As the years go by, there are bound to changes.  Change is usually good but if the change is causing you angst and the well-being of your family is at stake, it’s time for a move.

Better School District

Along with a bad neighborhood is a struggling school district.  This is the number one reason why most families choose to move. Our children deserve the very best and have a good education.  We put high expectations and standards on education and what we want for our children.

This is one piece of advice I would give anyone looking to buy a house.  Even if they do not have kids at the moment, they eventually will. This is also important to note as it plays a huge part in the value of your property and taxes.

Better Job

A better job has come your way and this would involve relocating your family. A huge consideration as a whole for all involved. A better job means a better future for your family.

Closer To Family

Having been away from family for some years has really taught me how much I miss being close to my family. My only wish is having my kids grow up around their families. This is so important to me. Being able to establish these strong family bonds that they cannot get anywhere where.

Planning Your Move

Now that you have made a decision to move your family, what next? What are the things you need to do now to make that move be more smooth? How to prepare your family for the move?

Hire A Moving Company

Moving is never fun. From the packing to the heavy lifting, it’s a big project that’s tough to handle on your own. You’ll want to find an experienced and well-equipped company to handle your move. Enter Relief Moving Company LLC!! This home movers moving company in Blaine MN and surrounding areas, they offer great services.

Relief Moving Company LLC

One of the most important things to consider when you are searching for a moving company is experience. If you hire local movers that are inexperienced and ill-equipped to handle your move, it’ll just put even more work on you causing you headache and stress.

When you rely on the movers at Relief Moving Company, you can count on them for:

  • Customer-focused service
  • Fast and efficient moving services
  • Competitive pricing

Organize And Plan Ahead

It is so important to plan ahead and get organized. Open the lines of communication with the family. Kids may be attached to their homes, neighborhood, schools, and friends. And the thought about moving away from it all can be very stressful. Be prepared to have conversations with the family on the benefits and opportunities early on to help ease them and make the moving day better.

Set Up New Utilities

You will want to set up services for your new home and cancel for the old one once you know your moving dates.  If you able to and want to stay with the same company, the transfer is pretty easy to do.

Some of the things to think about are:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Phone
  • Cable
  • Internet
  • Water

Another thing to do along with setting up these services to your new home, you will want to inform the United States Postal Services to forward all your mail to your new home.

Declutter and Clean House

As you can imagine, a family can accumulate “things” throughout the years. Articles of clothing and toys can be those “things” that you may not realize you have accumulated so much of. As you are starting the packing stage, I would suggest having 3 piles: keep, donate/ sell, trash and place things in their respective piles. This will help you declutter and potentially earn some cash or donate to charity.


Make In Inventory

Pack your things room by room and write down everything you plan to pack to your new home. Marking the boxes to identify where they will be going in the new home will help lessen the stress. Having a system such as color-coding your boxes or simply marking “kitchen” or “living room” will be so much easier not only in moving but unpacking.

Keep Items You Need Close

Regardless of how far you have to travel for the move, be sure to keep the items you need close to you. Pack a travel bag that includes clothing and toiletries. You may also want to bring a cooler with picnic items along and cash in case there are places that do not accept credit cards.

Keep The Kids Entertained

“Are we there yet?” may be a song your kids may be singing to if you do not have anything to keep them entertained during the move.

Settle Into Your Home

Yay!! You made it! The movers have brought in the last box? Now is the time to get settled in and start unpacking and enjoy your new home. But take your time and get to know your neighbors and neighborhood.

I hope you found this helpful in planning your move.

Let me know your thoughts/ experience in moving your family in the comments below.

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31 thoughts on “13 Essential Tips To Moving Your Family”

  1. I’m not a fan of moving, so much to do! But I have learned that if there is a next time then I’m going to take more time to go through things before we move and purge. Thanks for the great list!

  2. I haven’t don this myself in 26 years but I have helped friends…it’s grueling. Even worse when you have lived somewhere for decades. It’s amazing the amount of crap you collect over time.

    1. It’s so good to have friends like you to help. I am always amazed at all the things we accumulate and in such a short time as well.

  3. My husband and I have moved so many times already in the 10 years we’ve been married so we’ve kind of gotten the checklist down of what we need to do when. We’re planning to move again next year- out of state this time- and I’m already starting to get anxious about all we’ll have to do.

  4. I moved many times when my kids were little, but now that I have an empty nest and retired last year, I made one final move to North Carolina. After nearly 30 years living and working in Georgia, it was quite a task to unload 30 years worth of clutter but oh so worth it!

  5. I know from experience that moving can be a very stressful situation. The more planning you can do ahead of the move will ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.
    I like how this is laid out nicely and so professionally done.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. As a former Army brat turned Air Force wife who has moved a LOT, I’ve done all of these things on your list. You captured it well. Overseas moves throw a whole new wrench in the plans though. LOL Nice list!

  7. Your tip about checking out a neighborhood at different hours of the day is such a good one. Our first house seemed to be in a fine neighborhood, but we couldn’t have been more wrong! At about 10pm some local guys would race their cars up and down the narrow street! We ended up moving 6 months later.

  8. Great tips! We are dreaming about a new home now. I hope we will move on next year. I need to save your post for later.

  9. Great article! I’ve moved many many times as an adult and when I was younger because my dad was in the military. The easiest moves were the ones I hired movers for (except the Navy, no offense to the Navy but you get your stuff like a month after you move). When you’re already stressed with a move, it helps to have professional movers relieve some stress.

  10. Very useful tips there! I haaaaaaaaaate moving! I’m moving again in a month and to make my kids excited about it, I promised them to buy them one toy they REALLY want. So far, so good, but we’ll see in a month!

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