Hey there! My name is Lina Thao and welcome to The Caffeinated Introvert! I am so glad you are here!

I am a mom of four beautiful kids and wife to my best friend. I am a working mom and a coffee enthusiast. I love spending time with my family and making memories. We currently live in the Twin Cities and love everything the Midwest has to offer minus the cold.

I started this blog as a way to remember and share all the things that we do, places we have been to and life in general.

Being an introvert in an extrovert world is hard and draining, to say the least. I have struggled all my life with feeling overwhelmed with having to socialize, worried about my quietness or my slow ways of talking.

You all may have seen me. I am that mom at her kid’s games that would sit far from the rest of the parents and have her headphones on. I am that mom who dreads bringing her kid to their friend’s birthday party and is expected to stay. I am that co-worker that tries to avoid the break room every chance she gets. I am that wife that tells her husband to not leave her side when they HAVE to attend any function. Oh, the anxiety it gives me just thinking of having to socialize… And all those extra stimuli jumping around. Eeek!!!

But as I am getting older and wiser  I have learned to embrace the introversion in me….My need for peace and solitude to be able to recharge and take on the world.

Meet The Family

Vang, my best friend and life partner

The one and only Vang! He holds the family together and ensure that we have all we need.

Breanna and Chris

Breanna and Chris are in their early 20s attempting at this “adulting” thing and may drop in every now and then!

Landon and Raiden

Landon and Raiden are up for anything and ready at the whim of their parents.

Please join me as I attempt to balance all the beautiful chaos my life brings one cup of coffee at a time. 

Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

2 thoughts on “ABOUT ME”

  1. You have a beautiful family! Girl, though I can be outgoing and appear extroverted, I have social anxiety and completely understand what you mean. I dread social functions, too. This is why I love the idea of blogging! It gives us a platform to share what’s really going on inside our beautiful minds!

    1. You are too sweet! Thank you! When I have too much to say but for the introvert in me; finding the right moment to say it is so overwhelming :-). This way, I can gather my thought and take my time to articulate it.

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