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We all look forward to those summer months when we can relax from the daily grind.  School, homework, music lessons, sports practices and games, evening programs, etc… The list can go on and on. Our days start out early and end late into the evening.  I don’t recall it being this hectic when I was a kid.  It can be so stressful for all involved. 

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Growing up, I recall lazy summer days riding our bikes to the nearby park or playing in our backyard.  We didn’t have electronics back then. I am dating myself here! We actually played with each other.  A lot of times with the sticks/ tree twigs… and we were happy with it.  We did not do a lot or any reading during the summer months. I just remembered a lot of days of running around.

Nowadays, our mornings are a little more relaxed.   There is no rushing to get out the door for the day. Our usual bedtime routine has been a bit off track.   The kids are at the neighbor’s front door some days as early as 9 am waiting for the neighbor kids to come out or vice versa.    

This summer we decided to take it easy on extra activities. We decided not to sign the boys up for any sports or summer camps. We just wanted them to enjoy summer as we did.  They did continue on with their music lessons and attended an eight-week reading program.

I know as a parent I would love to not worry about reminding my kids to read or do their homework.  I know my kids would rather run around the neighborhood with the other kids than sitting at the kitchen table reading.   I love lazy days as much as the next person but did you know that kids lose what they learn throughout the year if they do not keep up it with during the summer months? 

Below are links to a free printable word search for your kids to enjoy

Summer Word Search

Summer Word Search – Answer Key

Kids will love hunting for summer words in this word search. Word searches are a great tool for reinforcing spelling and word recognition skills. They are also a fun way to build vocabulary. has loads of resources that will keep kids engaged and entertained during summer travels while also keeping their reading and language arts skills sharp.

We have been using for the past two years to supplement their learnings at school and we love it.  It has a wide selection of guided lessons, printables, lesson plans, online games and so much more for grades preschool through 5th grade. When reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to feature them on my blog, I was more than happy to.

I recalled my youngest son complaining to us one evening when he was in kindergarten: “Do you know I am the only kindergartener I know that has homework?  It’s not even fair.”  I told him that while that may be true, he was ahead of his classmates with his vocabulary and math.  He told us he was the only one in his class that was able to count to 100 and was pretty proud of himself for that. Now he enjoys homework time because he enjoys the worksheets we print for him from

Do not let the summer slip by!  But that does not mean that you should let what your kids learn during the school year slip by as well.  Check out for some fun learning activities to keep them engaged and ready for the new school year. 

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  1. I am from a time when we didn’t have electronics as a kid as well, so I’m completely with you in terms of playing outside! I didn’t know about, will definitely have to check it out as an alternative to the X-Box!!

  2. I was unfamiliar with I’m always looking for additional resources for learning. My oldest is only 3, but I have been everything I can to get him used to being at the library, reading books and just enjoying learning overall.

  3. It was all so simple back then hey!

    Summer is so much fun, as I work in a school, I also get the holidays off so lots of time with my son.

    I’ll defintely need to check this site out for an alternative to his PlayStation

  4. I’ve never heard of This would have been great for when my kids were smaller in school and during summer for review. Read

  5. First of all, I love your blog name! We have always found to be a great resource. We have also continued learning activities through the summer, and because it’s just always kind of been that way, it’s “normal” for my kids now. Thank you so much for sharing.

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