How To Create A Healthy Routine For Your Kids In Uncertain Times

Staying healthy and sane during uncertain times as an adult is hard enough. But when you consider the challenges for your kids, it can be especially difficult. They rely on their routines, so when they are home, they are used to having fun with their games, maybe do a little homework, play with their friends, and eat more snacks than on a normal day.

Here are some tips for getting your kids on a healthy routine while they are spending more time at home.

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Develop A Daily Schedule

One thing that you can do to help kids stay focused and on track would be to make a daily schedule as part of your routine. Having a clear schedule helps establish that they know what kinds of activities will be happening throughout the day, and where they will be fitting into things.

In each section, you can point out the time and where you are in the schedule. If it’s posted in an open area, they can easily look at it to see where they are in the day.

If they are too young to read yet, it will still give them a sense of order that can bring comfort in times that are challenging.

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Make Time To Work Off Emotional Energies

Even though you might be inside for a time waiting for a challenging event to end, physical movement is very important.

Your schedule should include at least one section a day where they can get up and jump around, dance, and do some kind of sustained exercise to get their body moving.

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Don’t forget about recess! Your kids have recess at school, where they probably go outside and play at least twice a day. You can include a morning and afternoon recess into your schedule as well.

Listen To Your Children

Being an adult takes a lot of focus, but one thing that a lot of us forget to do is to take time to listen to their children. It is very beneficial to making your children feel heard, especially during this time. You can get so much information about how they feel.

This also gives them a chance to give you ideas on how they would like to spend their time or what kinds of activities they would like to do.

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Use what you learn from your kids to switch up their routine. This is not just for their physical health but for their mental health as well.

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Cook And Bake Together

During this time at home, you will probably find that you would be doing more cooking and baking from scratch. This is the time to get your kids involved! You can teach them the joy of cooking, teach them some essential skills, and let them put together some of their own healthy recipes as well.

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My kids enjoy spending time in the kitchen with me. I do a lot of baking and they love to help with measuring out ingredients, putting them together and mixing them.

If anything, this is a time to just be able to bond with your kids in this world that we live in.

I hope this helps you create a healthy routine for your kids during these challenging times and make the most of it.

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I would love to hear from you in the comments of any ideas you have used to help

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53 thoughts on “How To Create A Healthy Routine For Your Kids In Uncertain Times”

  1. I totally agree with your baking tip! My 4yr old an I are baking something new every 5 days or so and she loves it!!!

  2. I’m so glad you pointed out that while this is a stressful time for adults, it definitely is for kids too! When I asked me kids what concerns they had about the pandemic, I was surprised at the their depth of understand that things weren’t right with the world. Having a routine helps them so much!

  3. I’m actually really happy to be home with my 7 month old so I can deliberately cultivate a routine. I love these tips for shaking things up since we can’t go anywhere!

  4. Great tips! Keeping with a routine is so important and I love that families are cooking and baking more together at this time. It not only gives them something meaningful to do and contribute but also teaches important life skills.

  5. Great tips and advice! It’s so important to keep kids calm and engaged! It’s a great time to teach that we can not control every situation, but we can make the best of them!

  6. I cant imagine how difficult it must be to navigate through this difficult time with young children. Your suggestions are excellent and I am sure will help a lot of families.

  7. Thanks for these great reminders for parents. Kids are struggling with all this uncertainly as well, and they need the adults in their lives to give them some structure and predictability. Thank you for these tips!

  8. Thanks for sharing your insight. This is definitely new times for everyone, and we are all trying to find what works for ourselves as well as our kids. I haven’t done a good job of sticking with a routine these past few weeks, but I have been taking time to do things with my kids that we don’t normally get to do, like play new games and do puzzles together.

  9. I’ve got 4 kids at home, these are wonderful and practical tips. I love how you emphasized that we should listen to our children, they’re also going through something during this pandemic and we really need to include their needs in our decisions.

  10. A very timely post indeed! I know that many parents are feeling overwhelmed right now, and your tips for creating a healthy routine will surely help alleviated some of that stress.

  11. These are all really great ideas! I especially like the one to cook and bake together. We are doing that frequently during quarantine and it’s been great for teachable moments as well as just having fun!

  12. Wonderful advice! I have found that having a solid routine helps kids know what to expect next and provides a sense of security. Take care!

  13. We stuck to a routine when my kids were younger. It’s a bit different now with my youngest being 15. Although we do still spend time in the kitchen together.

  14. I’m struggling to figure out a “perfect” schedule for my family. I have 7 kids ages 2 to 16. I got basic things down like eating times, naps, and sleep of the toddlers. But everything else is trial and error. Thanks for your suggestions! I’m hoping some of these work for us too!

  15. Thank you for sharing, these tips are very useful. I will be trying them with my one year old, we used to go out to the park more often before the virus. I feel like he misses being outdoors, he cries when I step out the house without him 🙁 I actually tried baking a cake with him before and he really enjoyed it! Will be trying some of your ideas !

  16. This is a list of great ideas. I am the grandma in the situation and help out with my 4 littles that are close. We trade up on activities and scheduled times with gram. Helps the parents get a break and also the kids. Burning off the emotional energy is critical – their little minds pick up so much more than we give them credit for. These are extraordinary times for sure. Thanks for your information.

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